Why is Twitter Important to Small Business?

There’s a “social media marketing” event at nearly every conference for every small business niche.  You have probably heard a million times that you need to be on Facebook and Twitter for all of the same reasons; talking about your brand, connecting with consumers, and more about marketing your brand.  What you haven’t been told is that all of that is good and dandy, but it will never launch your brand into a trustworthy source for your followers.

Why Twitter is Really Important to Small Business

Twitter is much more than a tool to let you blast out your brand to the world.  Yes, you can connect with your consumer, but it must be accomplished in an esoteric manner.  Before you lose hope, write Twitter off as just a squak box for celebrities, and give up on the massive internet tool, there are a few things you should consider.  Here are a few ways that you can use Twitter to your small business’s advantage:

  • Watch your competition – If you are a small business and actually using Twitter, you are about ten steps ahead of every other small business.  However, you may run into a few of your competitors online as well.  By following your local competitors, you can keep an eye on what they are up to, talking about, connecting with, etc.  Twitter is a spy tool for small business.
  • Keep an eye on your location – Twitter tools such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck make it extremely easy to build lists of locals and lists of your local area mentions.  Narrow down your hyperlocal market.  For instance, I tell most people that I live in Atlanta.  Unfortunately for most small businesses, they associate themselves the same way. The Greater Atlanta area is filled with smaller neighborhoods and cities such as Marietta, Little Five Points, Decatur, and much more.  The same truth goes for New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.  Narrow your target to the true, hyperlocal market that you actually serve.
  • Stop yelling about your brand and start listening – Do you want to know why no one is paying attention to you?  It’s because you talk about yourself too much.  Build trust and a following by helping out others.  Provide valuable content!  If you see a potential customer who is looking for a good mechanic, connect them with yours.  It might seem like a waste of time, but it is a simple gesture that could make someone’s day.  Your potential customer will remember that gesture.  As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “It’s about giving a crap about your customers.
  • Look for the loud mouth – Every town has a loud mouth.  The loud mouth on Twitter is the person who blogs, checks into Foursquare, and tweets about the best service they ever received at “Such and Such Business.”  This is your most valuable player if you can target this person.  Before you start yelling about your brand again, remember the tips listed above.  Listen, comment about how much you love that restaurant too, and help the loud mouth out whenever possible.  Those small gestures will help your small business find a new best friend and one of the best employees in your marketing department.

Implementing these tips into your digital marketing plan will be one of the best moves that you have made in a long time for your small business.