5 SEO Predictions in 2013 from the Experts

As the year comes to an end, plenty of SEO and digital marketing experts have published a New Year blog post regarding what is to come in 2013. Fiscal Cliff aside, there are going to be plenty of changes over the internet in the months ahead. Typical shake ups  by Google will occur, social media ups and downs will happen, and I’m looking forward to the next explosive start up and acquisition to make news headlines.
2013 SEO Strategies

I’ve gathered together some predictions made by SEO experts and digital marketing geniuses for what’s to come in 2013.

The Ultimate SEO/Digital Marketing Guide in 2013

 Today, I want to focus on an aspect of AuthorRank which (incomprehensibly) does not receive much attention: the rel=”publisher” mark up. It is rel=”publisher” that connects a site (the publisher) with the authors. Even when those same authors abandon the publisher to start working with another site, their AuthorRank will continue to influence the “PublisherRank,” which makes it even stronger.  – Gianluca Fiorelli The Cassandra Memorandum: Google in 2013

In 2012 most retailers have accepted the benefits of product videos to provide customers with more information prior to making their purchase. However, relatively few are getting into other types of video content around the rest of the sales cycle. Examples include customer support videos, product tutorial videos, branded content, product placement and more.

In 2013 I think we will see these areas grow a lot more as e-commerce retailers get more and more comfortable with the video space and see the benefits of other types of content. – CJ Bruce Predictions for Video Commerce in 2013

Watch for Facebook to become a much more useful paid ad platform for business…I’d expect to see more executive talent acquired from the likes of Google. Twitter will be acquired by Apple..or some yet unforeseen suitor. Pay attention to the size and quality if your Twitter network as it will become more important post-acquisition. Lean hard toward whatever platform acquires them. SoLoMo (social-local-mobile) comes of age and Google will dominate, largely because of market share of Android devices and Google evolving as a “mobile first” minded company. Watch for and form relationships with review site “influencers”, as these people will drive the proper content/context that will become more necessary in 2013 and mobile use comes of age. Relationships with these content creators will be equally as important as original content that is created by any given business. Search engine algorithms get smarter and become harbingers of doom in that penalties will be instantaneous.” James Ball NotEasyToForget.com
If we’ve learned anything in 2012, it’s that Google isn’t letting up on low-value tactics. We’ve had the Penguin update13 Panda updates (so many that we needed a new naming scheme), and a crackdown on low-qualityExact Match Domains (EMDs), to name just a few. While I can’t tell you Google’s next move, I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty – there’s more to come. So, how can you protect what you’ve built in 2013?
… If at any point in 2012 you asked “What’s the best [X] for SEO?” (link-building tactic, tag, directory, etc.), you’re already in trouble. Any single-tactic approach is short-term at best. Real companies, real link profiles, and real marketing are rich with variety.” Dr. Pete Top 1 SEO Tips for 2013

What to Expect for Internet Marketing in 2013

It’s fair enough to say that most marketers are expecting a much stronger relationship between social and SEO in 2013. Before you rush into buying Circles, Followers, Likes, etc, don’t forget what most of the experts are saying about social connections; it’s about quality, not quantity.

Focusing on quality over quantity isn’t a new idea, but it seems to be one that is quickly forgotten when small businesses are trying to build their networks. Who can blame them (small business owners)? Everywhere SMO’s go, they are being hit by canned emails, spam on their Twitter accounts, and snail-mail marketing that pulls them into buying followers on the fraction of a penny. If you’re a small business trying to build your web presence, run far and fast from anyone who says they will buy you links or followers.

Remember to diversify your social/SEO tactics. One of the best ways to do that is to not be bashful (online and away from the screen.) From what you have read in the tips above, you’re going to want to have a solid mix of interacting with content/content creators, and creating quality content of your own (especially on your own website.)

In 2013, the internet should become a better place. The fakers and the lazy will be weeded out. How do you plan on making your small business make the cut?


Update: Make That 6 5 SEO Predictions in 2013

5 hours later…

Joel Klettke sent me a last minute tip for SEO’s in 2013 that I didn’t get to add at the launch of this post. See what The Best Looking Man in the World has to say about SEO in the next 12 months.

The best advice I can give to SEO’s has nothing to do with SEO. As an industry, we have all the tactics and strategies we’ll ever need – what SEO’s need now is a business education that will empower them to build companies that will be sustainable and exist in 5 years’ time. Invest your time in learning to run a better business. – Joel Klettke


Update: 12/9/13

At first, this post had 5 predictions, and then Joel added his 6th. I removed one of the listed contributors due to a lack of moral fiber. Again, we’re back to 5 SEO Predictions.