The Only Option Is to Move Forward

Every now and then, I end up getting caught up in conversations with friends about the old days. You know… The good old days. I know I’m not the only one who can get pulled into (or starts) the topic. It’s a total issue of the disease of ME and my inability to see what’s looking me right in the face (the beautiful now and the hopeful tomorrow). Worst of all, we’re all suffering from it.

The past was fun though, right? It was good.

Even when the past was full of regret and pain, we still can’t seem to let go of it. We still have trouble moving forward.

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Reflection is essential to every business person’s path to success. How can you move forward without looking back at where you came from?

The big difference between reflection and over reminiscing is that one leads to wisdom and the other leaves you paralyzed.

Wherever you are in your business, it’s time for you to reflect on the past and commit to moving forward. Your ability to see and adapt to the future could be the difference between keeping your doors open to your community or closing down another small business that could have survived.

Times are moving fast. Really fast!

Small business owners are having Snapchats, Instagrams, and Facebook messages thrown at them every single day. Today it’s this, and tomorrow it’s that. 

At TrustWorkz, we primarily work with family entertainment centers (FEC) across North America. I absolutely love working with them, and it’s partially because I know that they make such a huge impact in all of our local communities (Seriously, go thank your local roller skating rink owner).

While we build a variety of different packages, specific to each FEC, we have an internal company philosophy about our customers; There are no small customers. Even when we build a “small” marketing package for a customer, I know that we’re going to bring them big results. While it feels amazing to bring new FECs into our family of progressive partners, it kills me to see others losing money by ignoring the Internet evolution, choosing not to understand it and wasting precious dollars on it, or acting so stubborn that they can’t even ask for free advice (something we are always happy to provide).

Unfortunately, many of the people that don’t talk to us, or any other marketing savvy person in their life, will miss the amazing future opportunities.

What’s the biggest reason? They’ve always done business this way… Why change?

Business owners that are living in the past will completely miss a message like this that Gary Vaynerchuk so accurately stated on Instagram.    

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If you want to grow your business, the only option is to move forward. Don’t get so caught up in the good old days that you lose site of what’s to come. It could be the difference between your biggest year or the last year for your business.

When they wake up, they’ll see that youth fades and glory days deceive.”

– Anberlin, ‘Audrey, Start the Revolution

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