You’re the Plus One at the Social Media Party



Social media is a large cocktail party, and if you want to be the life of it, you need to use it appropriately.

How you approach and decide to interact on social media can dictate whether you are truly successful, just getting by, or falling flat on your face. Before you ever click “post”, you need to understand the channel you’re using. Ask yourself:

  • Why are people using this (Facebook, Twitter, Meerkat, Pinterest, etc) channel?
  • How can my business add value in this channel?

Your strategy requires self awareness and knowledge of the tool you plan on using. The largest fumble we see (from small and large companies) on social media is when businesses try to interject their message into the conversation without understanding the circumstances or context.

Understanding Why People Are Using a Social Channel

I’m 99% sure that you, personally, didn’t join Facebook so you could follow Ford or Coca-Cola. The same goes for every other social media network that you might be using.

As a business, you need to understand that the only reason why you’re at the party is because you were the +1 (you’re part of the plan to monetize the user base). You’re not a friend, not a family member, and probably not an influencer or celebrity. Your struggle is to get in front of eyes and keep them. That’s why the content that you share matters and why we (TrustWorkz) harp so much on the idea of always adding value.

If you can wrap your mind around and understand why people are using social media, then you can tailor your content to your audience on that specific network. This is how Taco Bell is hitting home runs with Snapchat and how Arby’s owns Twitter. All of these businesses that are leaders in social media follow the same basic rules for adding value:

  • Edify
  • Entertain
  • Educate

It’s a simple process that most people skip because they want to take shortcuts to strike rich. That’s not how social media works because that’s not how real relationships work. We want to connect with people, whether they’re friends, family, or celebrities; we want that human connection.

Before you close another door on a potential customer relationship, ask yourself if your content fits the context of the conversation happening around you.

Remember, you’re just the guest at the social media party. 



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