Big Tools We’ve Loved Using at Our Marketing Agency

Internet Tools

Persistence, patience, hard work… It’s all lead us to a point to which we’re growing quickly at TrustWorkz. While we’re grateful for our rapid growth, our commitment to excellence cannot be ignored. Our ability to ensure that our customers are happy leans heavily on our personal approach to customer relations and marketing (our people are our greatest asset). However, there are a few tools that we use consistently that have proven to be invaluable to our mission.

Here are a few tools that we have used to help grow our marketing agency:


Our entire agency uses Salesforce and we continue to integrate it further with our daily operations. The tool itself allows our entire organization to stay in the loop from sale to launch. Salesforce isn’t cheap, but the transparency that it has created is priceless. It’s important for our people, the face of the company, to know exactly what our customers have been told and sold.


Raven is a tool that provides us with marketing insights. The software pulls together a multitude of tools including Moz, SEM Rush, and more. We use it to build reports, track customer progress, perform competitive analysis, and manage social media. Raven isn’t the biggest or the most powerful tool. However, they’re young, they’re scrappy and they focus on doing what’s right. Philosophically, we agree on many levels. Their customer service and support team are amazing and Jon Henshaw, their CEO, has graciously answered my silly poll questions. If you want to pull marketing insights from a company that cares about their customers, sign up with Raven.


I’m not sure our team has ever embraced a tool more than they have Slack. We haven’t been using it for long (mmm… about a week), but I can honestly say that it has changed the way we work and function as a team. It didn’t take long for our team to jump on and embrace it 100%. I’ve never seen anything like it (the response from our team). In the short time that we’ve been using Slack, it has allowed us to open up our entire processes to our team, encourage open conversation, improve our internal knowledge base, and build community. Slack has made communications within the team more fun, seamless, and transparent. I believe that it will help us continue to better serve our customers and build our culture.

Google Apps for Business

Listen… It’s time to start paying for email services. If you believe that email is important to your business, you will consider paying for email services. Google Apps for Business have allowed us to ditch Microsoft Office (updates… bleh), create a secure email system, and take advantage of the “Cloud” via Google Drive. I love it because I can easily add new users, manage/enforce security, share files, and easily integrate our system into most of our team member’s lives. It also doesn’t hurt that the majority of our team members grew up with Gmail.

Our Tools, Your Business

Whether you’re building the next marketing agency or trying to improve your Internet marketing for your small business, the tools you use to tie your team together matter. Why not try out these tools?

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